MONO/POLY Paramatama

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Charles E. Dickerson better known by his stage name MONO/POLY, is an electronic music producer from Bakersfield, California and now residing in Los Angeles. MONO/POLY joined Flying Lotus’ record label Brainfeeder and released the “Manifestations” EP in 2011, plus the glorious “Golden Skies” full-length offering in 2014. Admittingly, its his debut album, the often over-looked yet illustrious & sprawling 19-track opus “PARAMATMA” (originally released digitally and via limited-edition USB packaging) from 2010 that serves as the not-so-subtle beginning to MONO/POLY’s musical career.

“PARAMATMA” is a trip through the dark and questioning subconscious of a mind at fault with the world around him, out of sync and grasping for purchase. Samples of political promises and religious ideology swirl in and out of the discordant beats. Be it the ramblings of a distorted mind, or a contemplative paranoid weighing up perceived hypocrisy under hazy clouds, the jolting and bumpy beats play against the institutionalized pieces with a simple ease and an effortless charm. “PARAMATMA” is a slap in the face, and then at the drop of a coin its as soft and inviting as a pillow. Short snippets of epiphany run through this album, but its also a tough nut to crack, with its syncopated rhythms hidden in dense layers of haze and bass. Paramatma is the Supreme Soul, but in this case it’s the supreme sound.

In Fall 2015, HIT+RUN repackaged the almighty “PARAMATMA” [HNR50] album and spread it across two heavyweight 12” colored vinyl slabs (opaque peach & sky blue) to mark the 5-year anniversary of its preeminent release. Limited to only 300qty pressed, this extraordinary re-issue is manufactured & distributed exclusively through FAT BEATS.

HIT+RUN has just a small handful of this special vinyl release for sale in advance of the global release date, don’t sleep on this classic album!