The Gift Vol. 3 – House Shoes and Street Corner Music Present: Ext a.k.a. Rudy Eckes (LP)

Volume III of The Gift brings you Ext aka Rudy Eckes. From raw loop chops to layered synths, Ext has all that a true beathead wants. And he said fuck being a lawyer. Imma make beats. From Brooklyn NYC to the world, House Shoes presents The Gift -Volume III: Ext aka Rudy Eckes…

1. The Introduction
2. The Man
3. No, No, No
4. Royalty
5. King Strings
6. The Park
7. Prism
8. One Two
9. Partly Cloudy
10. Machine
11. The Wake Up
12. Angel
13. I Should
14. Strings Up
15. Fender Bender
16. Partly Sunny
17. Bourbon Street Symphony
18. The Mourning After
19. The Long Walk Home
20. Dusk

LP – $17.99