Co.fee – Easy Listening (10″ EP)

Six months in the making, “Easy Listening” is a staggering collection of heavy synths flawlessly layered over samples taken from Co. fee’s deep crates of Afro-beat, Brazilian, Bollywood and Italian soundtracks. Impossible to pin down, Easy Listening swings from the powerful intro track “Destroy & Rebuild” and the demented carnival dubstep of “Kali” to the mesmerizing pull of “Asante” and the super-dented jam “Gypsy Skirt.” Out on LA-based crew My Hollow Drum’s label.

A1. Destroy & Rebuild
A2. Spark Plug
A3. Kali
A4. Gypsy Skirt

B1. Katana
B2. Zombie Parade
B3. Asante
B4. Motor City

10″ EP – $10.00