Dennis Duck – Dennis Duck Goes Disco (2XLP)

“Dennis Duck Goes Disco” was originally released as a hand-made cassette in 1977 on the LAFMS label. Only 20 were hand-made, numbered and given to friends. The album was made entirely with a phonograph and records, utilizing skipping and pitch changes for most of the effects. In the 1970’s amidst piles of records, emerged an idea: turntable manipulation. Dennis’ skills as a drummer combined with a pure understanding of sound and improvisation created a drum machine out of his record player. Check!

1. Intro
2. Do The Fence
3. 4xie
4. Nice Shave
5. French Number
6. Chatter-Walk
7. Miracle Zone
8. One O Clock Jump
9. Jingle
10. Outro
11. Tom Speaks
12. The Pants Story
13. All Skate
14. Fan Club
15. Bediboop
16. Return Of The Son Of Kontiki

2XLP – $16.00