Shafiq Husayn – Shafiq Presents Jank Random vs. Earle Leonne: The Frequency Clash (LP)

The Frequency Clash is Shafiq’s first all instrumental release and showcases some of Shafiq’s most stellar work to date. This EP features 13 bangers with the Sa-Ra feel, but taken to the next level. “Earls Thing” will be the next great DJ standard along with “The Mag”–two absolutely ridiculous minimal stunners that hit all the right pleasure spots in your brain. There are just too many insane moments here- dueling snares, broken piano concertos, Bombsquad-like intensity, and Mad Max-esque bouncers. A beautiful world indeed!

1. Back At It
2. Gamma
3. Return Of Snow Onya
4. Go Nuts
5. Phills So Good
6. The Mumba
7. Remember The Moor
8. PSA
9. Sirius B
10. Earls Thing
11. The Mag
12. Push
13. Still Woke

12″ – $10.00