Jeremiah Jae – Raw Money Raps (2XLP)

After a kaleidoscopic grip of beat tapes, EPs and mixtapes that have sent wi-fi connections rumbling, as well as a move from windswept Chi-city to the home of his Brainfeeder crew in LA, Jae unveils his sprawling debut full-length release !

More than just an album, this is an all-encompassing Pynchonian, Tumblr-feeding, social networked art-rap fever dream. A seismic collision of the analog and digital worlds makes for deceptively hooky beats that double as sonic rabbit-holes, all of which cradles Jae’s flow – which is a versatile instrument all it’s own, skipping from rapid, focused deliveries to surprising melodic sing-a-longs then chopped-and-screwed slump and stream of consciousness brainfloods.

A1. Man (Revolution Pt.1)
A2. Guns Go Off
A3. Greetings ft. – Tre
A4. Rover
A5. Leaders
B1. Ignorant Mask f. K Embry
B2. Cat Fight
B3. Tourist
B4. Money And Food
C1. Wires
C2. Seasons
C3. False Eyes
C4. One Herb
C5. The Great Escape
D1. Raw Money (Passage)
D2. Money
D3. Guerrilla (Evolution Pt.1)
D4. Hercules Versus The Commune
D5. Cable

2XLP – $20.00